Exercise Science (BS)

What is A Exercise Science (BS) Degree?

Exercise Science looks at how exercise and the human body interact—that is, how diet, age, general health, and exercise relate to each other.  There are lots of work opportunities for people who have the BS degree in Exercise Science like working with sports teams in numerous ways—nutritionist, equipment manager, etc.  You could also work with individual athletes helping them develop coordinated plans for maximum performance, in schools helping young team members avoid injuries, or with everyday people as a personal trainer helping them to improve their physical condition.

Examples of courses you will take to earn this degree are Anatomy and Physiology, Chemistry, Human Movement, Physical Conditioning, Injury Prevention, Stressors in Sports, and Nutrition and Diet, in addition to all the general education required.  Plus, several areas of specialization are possible depending on what direction you want to go.  The BS in Exercise Science can also prepare you to go into graduate study to earn an MS in the field to qualify for higher level, more clinical positions or for ownership of your own sports or fitness clinic.

What Can I Do With A Exercise Science (BS) Degree?