Social Work

What Is Social Work?

Some people who major in sociology who want to be part of one of the “helping professions” may go on to study Social Work, a closely related field, at the Master’s degree level.  Social Workers work with either communities or individuals and help them meet their basic needs and improve their quality of life. So, Social Workers, even when working primarily with individuals, may go to the home or community where their clients are living to help them learn the skills needed to flourish.

In general, Social Workers want to help people get a fair shake in the community and try to eliminate poverty and the social injustices suffered by some oppressed groups of people.  Working with individuals may involve doing many of same things that Psychologists and licensed Counselors do. So, if you want to be in private practice or work for a school or community organization as a licensed member of the helping professions, check out a graduate degree in Social Work.  Some jobs include Licensed Clinical Social Worker, School Social Worker, Youth Worker, Addictions Counselor, International Aid Worker, Case Manager, and Medical Social Worker–MSW.

What Degrees Relate to Careers in Social Work?