Showing off your soft skills

- By Dr. Di

Once you’ve developed your soft skills, how can you show prospective employers what
you’ve got? Here are some ideas:
Do some homework and find out about the company, thinking of questions that you
might want to ask about their mission and the work they do. Starting with your very first
contact, be pleasant and cooperative. When you arrive for your interview, practice good
listening skills, establish eye contact with everyone you meet, be friendly, and, for sure,
turn off your cell phone; you don’t need any distractions. Relax to help others be
relaxed. Show confidence in the job skills that you have and an interest in how you can
fit in.
To show that you’re a creative problem solver, be ready to give a specific example from
your past work when you were able to define a problem clearly—say, a problem with an
unpleasant customer or an uncooperative coworker–create possible solutions, and
settle on the best, most effective way to proceed.
Also come to the interview prepared to talk about group work or team experiences
you’ve had. Be ready to show how you were a fully-functioning team member, pulling
your weight, keeping the team on track, meeting deadlines, and especially managing
conflict. This is what employers want and are having trouble finding.