Radiologic Technology (BS)

What is A Radiologic Technology (BS) Degree?

Radiologic Technology is the field that includes the science and skills of imaging parts of a patient’s body to diagnose and pinpoint health problems.  Radiologic technologists take scans like X-rays, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans, and computed tomography (CT) scans under the guidance of a Radiologist. These scans are then reviewed by the doctor and members of the health team to decide on what treatment is needed for the patient.  The Radiologic Technologist needs to be able to position the patients and direct the machinery properly to ensure that the scans are helpful and precise.

Although the Associate’s degree in the field gives you the foundation for entry-level positions in the field, the BS degree in Radiologic Technology provides more in-depth knowledge and skill for the full range of imaging techniques plus a specialization area.  The BS is also becoming the standard required by some employers—a trend that is likely to expand in the future. The BS is required to be able to teach in the field and to specialize in more high-level applications.  It is also a stepping stone to an advanced degree and more specialized training.  Coursework includes general education in biology, biochemistry, anatomy and physiology, math, and behavioral psychology along with training in radiology technology, with numerous application courses, advanced techniques, and leadership skills.  Clinical placements will be used to practice the skills needed in the field.

What Can I Do With A Radiologic Technology (BS) Degree?