Prepare for a virtual interview

- By Dr. Di

If you’ll be looking for a job—either as a new grad or as a continuing student with or
without classes this summer—get ready now to do your best in a virtual interview–the
meeting likely will be online. Robert Channick of the Chicago Tribune has some really
good suggestions on how to prepare, some of which come from recruiting experts.
If you haven’t had a lot of experience in Zoom get-togethers, set up a session with a
friend so that you can practice. Find a professional-looking quiet spot in your home that
will not be distracting, like the corner of a room that has plain walls or simple
furnishings. Avoid having a window behind you; one to the side is good, though. Have
your camera just above eye level, and put a sticky note near it on your screen to remind
yourself to look into it as you talk. Practice with your camera turned on to make sure
the scene looks good. Your face should be well-lit. Prepare for the meeting as you
would for face-to-face, having a copy of your resume and other materials handy. Dress
up for your interview—top AND bottom–just in case you have to stand up during the
interview for some reason. Otherwise it could be embarrassing!