Paper and Chemical Technology (AAS)

What is A Paper and Chemical Technology (AAS) Degree?

Predictions were that ours was fast becoming a paperless society—something that obviously hasn’t happened.  We are still surrounded by paper and other wood-based products today; so numerous careers exist in the paper and pulp industry.  An Associate of Applied Science degree in Paper and Chemical Technology will position you to do laboratory work to test, and possibly even design, processes to manufacture the myriads of wood-based products needed in our world.  Your most likely employers will be companies that manufacture pulp and other wood-based products or their suppliers—working in paper mills, pulp plants, and supply or chemical companies.  The government and stores like Home Depot and Lowe’s are also potential employers.  Possible job titles might be manufacturing technician, NDT technician, process control technician, or mill manager.

To earn the Associate of Applied Science degree you’ll take a standard array of general education courses including a good grounding in chemistry, physics, and math. You’ll also have specialized training in pulp and paper manufacturing processes including procedures, quality and environmental control strategies, troubleshooting, and other adjunct technologies.  Most AAS degree programs are 5-6 semesters in length with much of the time spent in laboratory work.

What Can I Do With A Paper and Chemical Technology (AAS) Degree?