What Is Music?

The study of Music involves learning the nitty-gritty about the structure of music, how the notes are put together in artistic and creative ways, how instruments and voices blend to create various sounds and emotions, how to perform using various musical instruments, and how music varies around the world.  The majority of music majors spend a big portion of their study on improving their own performance skills as a singer or musician.  This usually culminates with a third or fourth year recital in which the student performs for an audience.  Some students specialize in areas such as conducting or composing or developing a ministry program for a religious group.  Some even learn to create music using computers.

So, there are lots of directions you can go in with a major in Music. Is this a major for you?  Do you love music?  Listen to it a lot, play in a group on the weekends, sing in a choir, have composed a few pieces or written lyrics?  Are you artistic or do you like structured group activities?  Then a major in Music may be just the right thing.  Some examples of jobs in Music are Musician, Singer, High School Teacher, Band Leader, Conductor, Accompanist, Choir Director, Composer, Musical Director, Head of Music Programming, Music Industry Talent Agent, Sound Studio Manager, Head of Music Business Development, and Music Data Manager.