Mental Health Technology (AS)

What is A Mental Health Technology (AS) Degree?

Psychology is the scientific study of human behavior and mental processing.  Counseling Psychology focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of healthy people who are suffering from psychological problems—problems of adjustment in life, loss of a job, spouse, loved one, difficulties with a relationship, substance abuse, etc.—that are less serious than a psychosis or severe mental disorder.

People trained at the Associate’s degree level in Mental Health Technology, are employed mostly in mental health facilities that may be residential or may only provide day services. This may also include special schools for mentally challenged individuals. Mental Health Technicians (sometimes called psychiatric aides) assist licensed care providers like Clinical and Counseling Psychologists by providing therapeutic care to patients, helping them at meal or activity time ensuring that the environment is safe and clean.  Technicians interact with patients, some of whom may be suffering from an addiction, in a caring and facilitative way. Mental health technicians may need to document the behaviors and reactions of patients for counselors’ review. Coursework in the AS degree program will include subjects like psychology, human development, crisis intervention, treatment of addictions, and group dynamics.  Most AS degree programs in Mental Health Technology will include a practicum or internship experience in a mental health facility.  Some areas may require some type of licensure to work in this field.

What Can I Do With A Mental Health Technology (AS) Degree?