Hospitality and Tourism (BS)

What is A Hospitality and Tourism (BS) Degree?

Hospitality has to do with providing the best service possible to people who are eating out, traveling, touring, visiting parks, taking cruises, going to meetings and conventions, and staying in hotels. Tens of thousands of people in this country are involved in the hospitality industry doing all kinds of different things at all different levels.

In a BS degree program in Hospitality and Tourism you’ll take general education courses and introductory courses in facets of tourism like housekeeping, planning menus for food service, and customer service for both business and pleasure travelers.  You will also get the basic business skills of accounting, bookkeeping, marketing, and public relations.  Probably the most important part of the program, though, is the opportunity for hands-on experience, planning itineraries, designing cruise experiences, organizing tours in far-away places, and doing all this under the direction of faculty.  You’ll also have an opportunity to study specialties like snorkel tours, ski-instructing, casino dealing, among other things.