What Is History?

Looking at and knowing what has happened in the past will help you understand what’s going on today and what might happen tomorrow.  Everybody knows this, don’t they?  Well, people who have majored in History do!  They learn about people, countries, and the world as a community—how they were in the past, how they are today, and how they may be in the future. And, History majors tend to do pretty well in the job market because more and more global companies—and even law schools, medical colleges, and business schools—are looking for the solid background that a history major has in understanding the world, knowing how to do research to solve problems, and knowing how to think through complex situations.  That’s all good.  So, don’t completely cross it off your list, even if teaching it isn’t you first choice—although that’s a good career, too.

Do you like to read?  Is the best part of your holiday gatherings when an old-timer—a good story-teller– starts talking about what happened back in the day?  Do you ever see a faded old sign on the side of a building and wonder what that building was years ago?  Or do you like to go to foreign countries to see all the old stuff?  Then you may be cut-out to be a History major. Contrary to what some people might tell you, history majors can do a lot more than teach.  Here’s what some are doing today, according to research:  White House Aide, Literary Agent, Management Consultant, Physician, Real Estate Developer, and Documentary Film Maker.  Looks like the sky’s the limit!

What Degrees Relate to Careers in History?