History (MA)

What is A History (MA) Degree?

Looking at and knowing what has happened in the past will help you understand what’s going on today and what might happen tomorrow.  Everybody knows this, don’t they?  Well, people who have majored in History do!  They learn about people, countries, and the world as a community—how they were in the past, how they are today, and how they may be in the future.  History majors can do well in the job market because more and more global companies—and even law schools, medical colleges, and business schools—are looking for the solid background that a history major has in understanding the world, knowing how to do research to solve problems, and knowing how to think through complex situations.

An MA degree in History is something that many people get on their way to applying to a PhD program.  There are opportunities for you even if the MA will be your stopping point, primarily because of the skills you’ll develop as a researcher.  This degree positions you for the education field, to become an archivist, to do research, to become a museum director, or to do other types of scholarly work.  To apply for the MA program in History you’ll need to have a Bachelor’s degree in History and a really good academic record.  Coursework will probably include choosing a concentration like Medieval History, Modern History, or Art History, and you’ll take various courses related to this concentration.  You’ll also attend seminars and possibly a research tutorial in preparation for choosing a research topic. Much of your time in working on the degree will involve writing a research paper and defending it.

The video below discusses a “typical” program, so it should help regardless of which school you are considering.

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