Golf & Sports Turf Management

What Is Golf & Sports Turf Management?

Here’s what a job description for a Golf and Sports Turf Manager position might say:  The turf manager is responsible for maintaining the turf of all athletic fields and golf courses, considering the specific maintenance requirements for each field and grass type.  Another one might mention managing the turf of all parks in the city or community.  So, is this just a glorified grass-mower?  Absolutely not!  There’s a lot of scientific knowledge and skill that is needed for each type of surface and the kinds of equipment that will be needed; just look at the different kinds of grasses that are used on one golf course and the different mowers used.  And these positions are needed year-round, even in locales with cold winters when the sport may not be played, or in dome-covered areas which have a whole different set of problems.  Each type of sports or recreational field has its own unique set of requirements.

If you’re hoping to work for a school or university at the management level, overseeing many different fields, then you’ll need to prepare with a college degree in which you learn horticulture and related subjects and business.  If you’re a sports and recreation nut without being an athlete, and you like to work outdoors, this field may be just the right fit for you.  Some possible job titles are Sports Turf Manager, Golf Course Superintendent, Irrigation Specialist, Assistant Turf Operations Manager, Lawn Technician, and Regional Manager—Golf, Sports Turf Sales.  Don’t you just love the smell of freshly cut grass?  You could have that every day!

What Degrees Relate to Careers in Golf & Sports Turf Management?