Landscape Architecture (BS)

What is A Landscape Architecture (BS) Degree?

The BS degree in Landscape Architecture will prepare you to work in the field of horticulture design and management, working with contractors, vendors, surveyors and engineers to design and install plants that meet the needs of the people in the target community.  Within the degree you’ll learn about how to design projects, plus you’ll learn some of the science behind good plant and landscaping choices.

In addition to general education courses, you’ll take courses related to how to draw-up contoured landscape plans and what it takes to implement them, graphic design for landscapes, plant selection, geology of landscape sites, soil chemistry, and the history of landscape architecture.  Like most BS degrees you’ll have lots of laboratory and internship experiences in which you’ll use what you’re learning to actually create and implement designs.  There’s a good chance after you complete the degree that you’ll need a license to be a landscape architect; this depends on where you are located.

What Can I Do With A Landscape Architecture (BS) Degree?