Electronic Technology

What Is Electronic Technology?

Electronic Technology is a field that uses technology skills to install, operate, and maintain electrical and electronic equipment—things like computers, cell phones, and electronic controls for different kinds of equipment.  Electronic Technicians use science and math to solve problems, just like Electrical Engineers do, but theirs is a more hands-on approach.  They don’t design products—Engineers do that—but they make sure that the products are set-up, maintained, and repaired properly.

To do that, Electronic Techs need to complete specialized post-high school training, usually completing an Associate’s degree from a community college or training institute.  Some get certificates in specific related skills, but the Associate’s degree allows for a broader base of skills.  There are also Bachelor’s degrees in the field which will likely include an internship component and may be designed for students who already have the Associate’s degree.  The Bachelor’s program will include some additional science and math courses, computer programming, project management, and advanced courses in electric circuitry and micro-processing.  So, there are three levels of training that are possible in this engineering-related field.  Plus, with the fast pace of technological change, the future looks promising for jobs in this area.

Are you big into fixing stuff?  Not afraid to take things apart to figure out how they work, and be able to put them back together?  Have at least a basic sense of how electricity flows?  Then check out some possibilities with jobs like Electronics Tech, Electronics Team Member, Electronic Tech Maintenance, Electronic Warfare SME, Electronics Electrician, and Electronics Engineer.

What Degrees Relate to Careers in Electronic Technology?