Electronics Technology (AAS)

What is A Electronics Technology (AAS) Degree?

Electronics Technologists work with electric and electronic devices, some of which are microscopic for use in very small appliances and some that are huge. Their primary responsibility is to install and repair these devices.  Some technologists specialize in devices used in aviation, fiber optics, or wireless communication.

To get into an Associate of Science degree in Electronics Technology program you’ll need a solid foundation in math, especially algebra and trigonometry.  In addition to some general education courses, you’ll get classroom and hands-on training.  You’ll take courses in things like electronic circuits, microprocessors, analytic trigonometry, and lab courses in which you’ll actually assemble and repair demonstration equipment.  The program may also include a field placement toward the end of training.  The program could also be used as a stepping stone to a Bachelor’s degree to qualify for more technical or management positions.

What Can I Do With A Electronics Technology (AAS) Degree?