Zoology (MS)

What is A Zoology (MS) Degree?

Zoology is the study of animals.  Animals are divided into two different sub-categories:  those with backbones (like fish, reptiles, bird, amphibians, and mammals) and those without backbones (like insects, spiders, crustaceans, worms, shellfish, and other squishy creatures).  Zoologists study everything about animals like how they stay alive (what they eat, do, and how they reproduce), how their bodies are structured, and how they interact with the environment and other animals. Some focus on wild animals, some on your pets like Gizmo (whom you know from this site), or some study farm animals.

The MS degree in Zoology is not a degree that is required for a particular job in quite the way that the BS or the PhD in Zoology may be required.  This degree may allow you to be an animal scientist, natural scientist, or veterinary technologist.  Many students get the degree so they can teach at a smaller college, or they earn it on their way to the PhD.  Some people care about animals and would just like to improve their knowledge and move up on a teacher salary schedule. Some courses for the MS in Zoology will relate to a particular class of animal—farm, zoo, pets—and may cover things like animal management and nutrition, genetics and breeding, and animal health and medicine.

What Can I Do With A Zoology (MS) Degree?