Welding (Certificate)

What is A Welding (Certificate) Certification?

Most of us know that a lot of welding needs to be done when making things like buildings and bridges, but many of us don’t really know what welding is.  Welding is the process that puts together two materials—metal or non-metal—by using a combination of heat and pressure.  That’s a whole lot tighter connection than you get with glue!  The process is more precise than you might think, having to balance carefully the heat, pressure, and filler material.

So how can you learn this trade?  Well, you might be able to get the training in high school, if your school has technical programs. Some employers offer on-the-job training, but most future welders get training at a technical school or community college to earn a certificate in welding.  In the certificate program, which usually takes less than a year to complete, you’ll learn scientific theories related to the process of welding as well as the hands-on skills you’ll need in your first entry-level position.  You’ll learn how to read a blueprint, how to perform several different types of welding, and how to meet all the industry standards so you’ll pass all inspection tests.  With your certificate in Welding you’ll be able to work as a Welder or a TIG/MIG Welder.  It’s possible that you might specialize in a particular industry and get additional on-the-job training for the special welding-related applications that will be needed.

The videos below discuss “typical” programs, so they should help regardless of which school you are considering.

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