Welding (AAS)

What is A Welding (AAS) Degree?

Most of us know that a lot of welding needs to be done when making things like buildings and bridges, but many of us don’t really know what welding is.  Welding is the process that puts together two materials—metal or non-metal—by using a combination of heat and pressure.  That’s a whole lot tighter connection than you get with glue!  The process is more precise than you might think, having to balance the heat, pressure, and filler material.

So how can you prepare for a career in Welding? One way is to go to a community college or technical college or school to earn an Associate’s degree in Welding—either an AAS or an AS degree.  The program will take about 2 years and will start out with some general education courses—algebra, English, basic science–followed by courses like Blueprint Reading, Welding Inspection Standards, Pipe Welding, Arc Welding, TIG/MIG Welding, and lots of others.  With the Associate’s degree and a little experience under your belt, you’ll be qualified for work such as a Welding Inspector, Welding Supervisor, Ironworker, or other titles.  Someday you might even want to open your own welding shop.