US Navy

What is the US Navy?

The US Navy is the branch of the United States Armed Forces that deals with naval warfare.  The Navy fights from ships at sea, from submarines, and from aircraft that are based on aircraft carriers.  The Navy is able to protect the country’s interests and people at nearly every place in the world and is important to the security of goods shipped to and from the US.  There are many career opportunities in the Navy for both enlisted people and officers.  Careers like those in the medical field, in technology, in aviation, in the law and legal matters, management, leadership—just about every field that’s available in the civilian workforce.

It’s possible for some new recruits to choose what career in the Navy they want to pursue through training.  Of course, recruits need to take all kinds of tests—physical, aptitude, achievement, etc.—that recruiters will set up.  There are 4 types of commissioned officers in the Navy, the highest levels include college graduates with degrees in specialized areas like medicine or aviation. Do you want support your country, learn marketable skills, and have a rewarding work life upon return to civilian life?   If so, then a career with the US Navy is well worth considering.