Urban and Regional Planning (MS)

What is A Urban and Regional Planning (MS) Degree?

Urban and regional planning is about making cities, regions, and communities better for people to live; that is, making them more convenient, more beautiful, better for a healthy life style, while keeping them affordable. The planning over the years has been based on regulations related to how, where, and when building can occur.  In more recent times, some planners are finding that fewer regulations may lead to more interesting, walkable, places where people want to hang out with others.

The MS degree in Urban and Regional Planning will give you the business and analytical skills to do up-to-date planning that is needed in the 21st century.  To apply to most MS degree programs, you’ll need to have a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution.  You’ll get the fundamental concepts by studying subjects like urban design, land use law, transportation policy, healthy communities—things like that.  Then you’ll be able to branch out in any number of areas of your choosing like growth management approaches, sustainability designs, emergency/crisis management, among others.  You may have the option for an internship, and you will probably need to complete one or more major projects in which you demonstrate the planning and analytical skills you’ve learned.

What Can I Do With A Urban and Regional Planning (MS) Degree?