Surveying (BS)

What is A Surveying (BS) Degree?

Surveying is a technical field that involves mapping out a piece of land using various geographically-based techniques.  Surveys are often needed for purposes of determining where the properties boundaries are before erecting some kind of building, art work, fence, road, or other structure so that it doesn’t encroach upon another parcel of land.

The BS degree in Surveying will involve general education courses heavy in math, physical sciences, and geography, and also will involve coursework in which students will learn how land formations occur and how they relate to each other.  Students will also work in the field to learn how to use all the latest survey-related mapping equipment like GPS navigators and computer-assisted distance meters.  It will be important for students in this program to have knowledge of what constitutes a well designed building or road, and how to do electronic searches of databases. With this degree you may qualify to work as a land surveyor, urban planner, cartographer, or marine surveyor, among other positions.

What Can I Do With A Surveying (BS) Degree?