Surgical Technology (AS)

What is A Surgical Technology (AS) Degree?

Surgical Technologists are the surgical team members who prepare both the patient and the operating room before and during a surgical procedure.  Knowledge of creating a sterile environment and working with patients who may be experiencing emotional distress are critical to this detailed work.  An Associate’s degree in Surgical Technology is the level of training that is most common for this kind of work, although Bachelor’s degree programs exist for practitioners who want to study more advanced topics.

Courses that are part of the AS program in Surgical Technology are subjects like anatomy, surgical technology, microbiology, surgical techniques, medical terminology, and pathophysiology.  Most programs include lab courses which simulate the operating room environment and practical surgical tech experiences in actual operating rooms during the latter part of the training.  Surgical Technologists are not required to be certified in most places, but, as with so many licenses and certifications, more and more employers are either requiring or preferring a certification of some kind.

What Can I Do With A Surgical Technology (AS) Degree?