Computer Science, Software Engineering (BS)

What is A Computer Science, Software Engineering (BS) Degree?

Software Engineering is all about developing computer software and keeping it viable; so, the field doesn’t involve tinkering with the hardware quite like the computer engineer would do.  Coursework for the BS degree in Software Engineering will involve some advanced math and engineering along with computer languages, then it will move on to more specialized topics like applications, computer networks, and artificial intelligence.  You’ll do lots of project work, sometimes with groups, to simulate the kind of work environment you’ll likely have after graduation.  Income levels for jobs in Software Engineering are solid, and the demand for engineers with the BS degree over the next 7-10 years looks strong.

The video below discusses a “typical” program, so it should help regardless of which school you are considering.

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What Can I Do With A Computer Science, Software Engineering (BS) Degree?