Sociology, Childhood Education (BA)

What is A Sociology, Childhood Education (BA) Degree?

Sociology looks at how people live together, which means sociologists study human society.  They want to find out how living with and among others affects human behavior and how this behavior affects society.  Sociologists have a ten-paces-back view as they look for patterns within the behavior and attitudes of groups of people from small groups, like your family, to big groups, like the whole world.  They also try to explain why given the same set of circumstances, one individual may behave very differently from another.  Sociologists are aware that what happens in your community may be very different from what happens in your state, in your country, or in the world.

The BA degree in Sociology, Childhood Education looks at how children behave in society—specifically in learning environments like schools—and how that behavior can affect the community.  The degree will prepare students to work with children and youth doing educational counseling, advocacy work, providing family services, or other facilitative functions.  Coursework for this Bachelor’s degree program will include studying topics like fundamentals of sociology, classical and contemporary social theory, statistics, youth culture and society, juvenile delinquency, social problems, gender relations, and others.

The video below discusses a “typical” program, so it should help regardless of which school you are considering.

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