Recreational Therapy (BS)

What is A Recreational Therapy (BS) Degree?

This field uses activities and recreation to help people overcome illness and disability so that they can live a happier and more productive life.  Recreational Therapy helps people to heal physically, psychologically, and socially using a variety of approaches such as sports and games, arts and crafts, drama and music, singing and dancing, aquatics, going on outings with other people—all kinds of activities. It sounds like fun, doesn’t it?!  Helping people in need is always rewarding.  The therapists most often work in hospitals and residential facilities like nursing homes, but they may also work for schools or recreation departments.

You’ll likely need a Bachelor’s degree in Recreational Therapy to work in this field, and a Master’s degree to go into management. BS degree programs include courses in subjects like therapeutic recreation for the elderly, recreation therapy administration, human development, abnormal psychology, client assessment, among others.  Most programs include a practicum experience of some kind.

What Can I Do With A Recreational Therapy (BS) Degree?