Radiation Therapy

What Is Radiation Therapy?

Radiation Therapy is the field that uses high doses of radiation from linear accelerator machines that aim at the patient’s cancer cells to kill them and to shrink tumors.  This Radiation Therapy (also called Radiotherapy) may be used along with other treatments like surgery or chemotherapy.  Accuracy in the procedure is of great importance to be sure that the linear accelerator is aimed at the precise spot in the body to target the cancer cells or the tumor.

There are opportunities for working in radiation at the Associate’s degree level; however, better positions in the field will need at least a Bachelor’s degree.  The field offers the chance to be involved in a health-related profession–with patient contact–in a more structured sort of behind-the-scenes way. Consultations with other health professionals is necessary to be certain that your work is done in a precise and effective way.  So, if you are good with details, good with working with people, and have done well in science classes, Radiation Therapy is worth considering. At the entry level there are positions in Radiation Therapy Tech and, with a Bachelor’s degree, Radiation Therapist.  After getting some experience you may decide to further specialize in designing the radiation plans for patients by working with an oncology doctor to devise the plans.  These professionals are called dosimetrists and have less direct patient contact than Radiation Therapists.

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