Plant Science (Environmental Horticulture)

What Is Plant Science (Environmental Horticulture)?

Plant Science is the study of all aspects of plant life including their use for food, fiber, and ornamentation, which includes plants that are native to a particular area.  People in the field know how to keep plants healthy and beautiful and how best to plant them for good results, especially in the field of farming.  You can imagine that practitioners in the field need to know lots of plant biology and research techniques to identify problems and craft solutions. Scientists in the field tend to split their time between being in the field, being in the laboratory, and writing reports for corporations and government agencies about their findings.  They work in greenhouses and on farms, and may manage people and help companies to make business decisions that will increase their profits. And lately, the field of plant-based medicine and the use of herbs for healing is becoming more popular.  Some jobs you might prepare for are Plant Clinic Manager, Plant Science Information Specialist, Data Scientist – Soil Plant Sciences, and Plant Lead – Food Manufacturing.

What Careers Are Related to This Field?