Pharmacy Technology (ATD)

What is A Pharmacy Technology (ATD) Degree?

Pharmacists dispense prescription medicines and help people use these meds correctly according to doctor’s orders.  They may also discuss possible side effects with patients as well as make recommendations about over-the-counter medicines available without prescriptions. Attention to detail is critical in this field since the wrong medication given to a patient can be disastrous.  As a pharmacist you may work in a drug store– maybe even own a drug store–a hospital, or large clinic.

Pharmacy technicians do many of the same things that a pharmacist does while being closely supervised by a Licensed Pharmacist.  Pharmacy Techs tend to be hourly employees while Pharmacists are usually salaried.  To become a Pharmacy Technician, you will need to earn this certificate/degree in which you’ll learn the basic theories and skills you need to assist the pharmacist in inventory and record keeping tasks, customer contact, and other functions.  The program may take anywhere from one to two years to complete, and you may be required to pass a licensing exam.

The video below discusses a “typical” program, so it should help regardless of which school you are considering.

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What Can I Do With A Pharmacy Technology (ATD) Degree?