Opticianry (AS)

What is A Opticianry (AS) Degree?

An AS degree in Opticianry will prepare one to oversee the delivery of finished eye glasses or contact lenses using the prescriptions determined by an ophthalmologist or optometrist.  You’ll be able to help a patient choose the best frames for their glasses, or you may help with the fitting of their contact lenses.  The 2-year AS degree program, in addition to required general education courses, will probably include courses in eye anatomy & physiology, frame selection and dispensing, optical theory, and contact lenses.  You’ll have lots of hands-on experience in the lab, and you may be eligible to take a certification exam, if certification is required in your area.  It’s important for students to work well with their hands and be able to handle lots of details.  The job outlook is really good for the next 6-8 years for job titles like Optician, Dispensing Optician, Optometric Tech, or Frame Stylist.

What Can I Do With A Opticianry (AS) Degree?