Office Administration (AS)

What is An Office Administration (AS) Degree?

People who work in Office Administration keep the business, medical office, or school running smoothly and are sort of the backbone of the company.  If they don’t do their jobs well, all operations could come to a halt.  The size of the organization likely determines how the various tasks will be divided among employees:  the larger the company, the more specialized the positions.  An office manager is responsible for keeping the office running, keeping equipment running, ordering supplies, making sure that mail is delivered, bank deposits are made, invoices are sent, and payroll is done on time.  They handle both internal and external communications with employees and customers/clients.

The most common degree awarded in the field of Office Administration is the Associate’s degree (AS).  In addition to general education courses, AS degree students will take courses in accounting, business writing, computer applications, filing, and current office procedures.  The job outlooks over the next few years look good for graduates of AS programs in Office Administration, especially for medical and law offices.

What Can I Do With An Office Administration (AS) Degree?