Occupational Therapy Assistant (AS)

What is An Occupational Therapy Assistant (AS) Degree?

The field of Occupational Therapy is often misunderstood, because the word “occupation” refers to not just a job or career, but also to ordinary day-to-day activities.  Occupational Therapists need to know about how people structure their time, how their time is divided up among different activities, how important each activity is to the person’s health and happiness, and what purpose each activity serves.  In that way, the therapists can help people handle their basic activities like eating, dressing, brushing their teeth . . .  well, everything.  OT helps people, including kids, maintain their independence.

Occupational Therapy Assistants (OTA) work under the direction of an Occupational Therapist following the prescribed treatment plan to teach the patient the specific skills that they need to live life more normally.  The Associate’s degree (AS) in Occupational Therapy Assistant, in addition to general education courses, will include courses in occupational analysis, kinesiology, principals of occupational therapy, and occupational therapy for specific populations like children or the elderly. Most programs include field work for several months to gain work experience, and completing an accredited AS degree program in Occupational Therapy Assistant will allow you to sit for the licensing exam that may be required in your area.

What Can I Do With An Occupational Therapy Assistant (AS) Degree?