Nutrition and Dietetics

What Is Nutrition and Dietetics?

The field of Nutrition and Dietetics is the theory and practice of preventing and treating disease with food choices.  There are primarily four ways to practice the science specified by the national organization (ADA):  treating disease with diet choice which is called Clinical Dietetics; educating patients on the benefits of good foods called Nutrition Education; working with communities to promote healthy eating called Community Nutrition; and managing food systems for groups of people or Food Service Management.

So, there are many career options here if you want to help people thrive in their daily lives and help groups of people overcome some chronic and serious health issues.  Are you pretty careful about your own food intake?  Do you keep up with the latest information about what’s happening in the food world?  If yes, then check out dietetics.  Some jobs you might consider are Advanced Dietitian for a hospital, Nutritionist, Nutrition Care Manager, Outpatient Community Dietitian, and General Manager of Food Service.

What Careers Are Related to This Field?