What Is Medicine?

The medical profession largely involves the caring for and comforting of people and animals using scientifically determined ethical methods and procedures.  The human element is as important as the scientific one, with physicians making decisions based on what is best for the patient when all factors are considered.  The training is extensive, over a period of years, and involves really challenging course work and grueling residencies.  To then specialize in a narrower field within medicine, like neurosurgery, endocrinology, or ophthalmology, requires even further academic and residency work.

If you’ve earned good grades in school, have a solid background in the sciences, are committed to demanding work, and are really committed to helping people and society, medicine may be your field.  Family practice and internal medicine physicians are in the highest demand right now, and there is demand for more and more hospitalists as health care systems change.  Do some research and see which specialty might be best for you.  Job examples are Primary Care Physician, Radiologist, Neurosurgeon, General Surgeon, Internist, Anesthesiologist, Ophthalmologist, and others.

What Degrees Relate to Careers in Medicine?