International Studies, Security and Diplomacy (BA)

What is A International Studies, Security and Diplomacy (BA) Degree?

International Studies, Security and Diplomacy primarily looks at the relations between governments of the world after World War II, considering how well the countries are able to work together and where that goes wrong.  It also looks to see how cooperating and negotiating might be able to accomplish a better world order, and how world organizations like the World Health Organization or United Nations contribute to what happens.

To earn a BA degree in International Studies, Security and Diplomacy you’ll probably need to at least minor in a foreign language, and you’ll want to focus as much as possible on world history and politics in your general education electives.  In the major degree work you’ll study things like international economics, global politics, terrorism, geography and the space race, war and peace, and international law. You’ll have some elective choices that may guide you toward a particular field of interest like war’s effects on children or military history in a specific part of the world.  You may also have the opportunity to serve an internship.

The video below discusses a “typical” program, so it should help regardless of which school you are considering.

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