Interior Design (BS)

What is An Interior Design (BS) Degree?

People in Interior Design work to make interior spaces beautiful as well as functional and safe for the people who will use them.  The process starts with designing the space to do what it’s supposed.  You can imagine how a theater would be different from a bedroom in a home or from an office housing a dozen employees.  Once the space is decided, lines, forms, themes, colors, and lights are chosen; an artistic sense is needed here, but most of the important skills are learned while in training.

Interior Designers need to be able to read architectural drawings of spaces not yet built and be good at using the computer to develop the graphic designs that will be needed.  Courses to be taken for the BS in Interior Design are in computer-assisted design, drawing, interior and exterior design, commercial and residential design, textiles, along with some basic business courses in accounting and marketing. Most designers who are trained at the Bachelor’s level will need to have some kind of certification that will vary from one region to another.

What Can I Do With An Interior Design (BS) Degree?