Human Resource Management (BS)

What is A Human Resource Management (BS) Degree?

Human Resource Management is about all the things you need to do to employ people, pay them, train them, write policies about what is expected of them, and help them to keep the job.  In a BS degree program in Human Resource Management, in addition to general education courses, you’ll take courses in staffing–what employees are needed in the various areas of the company and how to find them; compensation–both pay and benefits; policies for the workplace–like hours per week to work, dress code, dispute resolution; performance appraisal and remediation; and training.  You’ll also learn about the various laws in your geographical area that relate to employment.  With the BS degree you’ll be able to work in entry-level positions in the field as a generalist, being assigned to any one of the human resource areas.  After gaining experience, you’ll be able to work up the ladder in that department.

What Can I Do With A Human Resource Management (BS) Degree?