Hospitality Management (BS)

What is A Hospitality Management (BS) Degree?

Hospitality has to do with providing the best service possible to people who are eating out, traveling, touring, visiting parks, taking cruises, going to meetings and conventions, and staying in hotels. Tens of thousands of people in this country are involved in the hospitality industry doing all kinds of different things at all different levels.

In a BS in Hospitality Management degree program you learn about the basics of the hospitality field and then focus on management from an operational standpoint—how to manage a hotel, how to manage food service, how to be sure your operation is profitable—things like that.  You’ll look at customer services, human resources, marketing and sales, etc.- everything to prepare you to succeed in this dynamic industry.  You’ll be positioning yourself to move up in the organization by taking leadership roles.  You will probably have opportunities to intern in the field while you earn your degree.  Some universities have cooperative education program, usually 5 years long, in which you will spend considerable time in paid-work for a hospitality company to gain valuable hands-on experience and a leg-up in the field.

The videos below discuss “typical” programs, so they should help regardless of which school you are considering.

Faculty Advice

Student Advice