Healthcare Administration (BS)

What is A Healthcare Administration (BS) Degree?

The field of Healthcare Administration covers the management and coordination of all facilities and people who work in health care delivery.  The need to coordinate services provided by hospitals, nursing homes, and doctor’s offices is ongoing, and health administration becomes more complex every day with the increase in alternative care providers such as urgent care or critical care offices, satellite emergency care centers, drug stores, and even some grocery stores that have clinics. The goal of healthcare administration is to make sure that all healthcare services to patients are coordinated and that medical facilities are run in an efficient way.

The BS degree in Healthcare Administration will prepare you to manage the daily operations, including finance and human resources, of various healthcare facilities and organizations; so you’ll get a good grounding in business fundamentals and may have the opportunity to specialize to some extent.  Course topics will be things like accounting, public health regulations, medical ethics, medical records management, marketing, healthcare law, information technology, and the unique challenges of managing in healthcare.  With the BS in Healthcare Administration you’ll be prepared to apply for entry level positions in management, and, with some solid experience, for higher-level positions in larger organizations.

What Can I Do With A Healthcare Administration (BS) Degree?