Geology (BS)

What is A Geology (BS) Degree?

Geology is the study of the physical features of the earth and the various things that change the earth like volcanoes, earthquakes, movement of rocks, forming of mountains and changes in oceans.  In addition to studying all of these processes, people in the field also study earth materials—oils, metals, gases, rocks—stuff like that, and the history of the earth.

To earn a BS degree in Geology, you’ll want to be sure you’ve taken math, science, computers, geography and communications in high school.  Coursework in the degree program will include chemistry, math, and physics, and specialized courses in physical geology, mineralogy, paleobiology, petrology, and stratigraphy, plus you’ll have lots of lab and field experiences.  Some programs even include a major summer field excursion. With the BS in Geology you’ll be able to qualify for entry-level positions at civil engineering firms, city planning firms, and in forestry and water companies. If you enjoy this work, you may decide to go into graduate studies to be able to do research and teach in the field.

What Can I Do With A Geology (BS) Degree?