What Is Geography?

The study of Geography looks at the features of the earth’s surface like the mountains, different climates, countries, rivers and oceans, natural resources–pretty much everything that sets one area apart from another area on the earth.  But, Geography also includes looking at people in each of the separate areas, sort of adding a social aspect to the field.

Basically, there are two main areas:  Physical Geography for things like climate and the shifting terrains, and Human Geography for the behavior of people when they interact with the physical aspects of the world. Some Geographers work in government departments testing soil, drawing maps, and developing policies and standards related to cities. Town planners may also be used in some areas.  Outside of the government a Geographer might survey land for a private real estate developer. So, do you enjoy visiting areas different from where you live—mountains instead of the beach, cities instead of wide open spaces—and like to be outside?  Or maybe feel strongly about the need for us to better understand how our planet is structured?  Then, look at Geography. Some job titles are Geographic Information Analyst, Travel Database Specialist, Geographer for U.S. Census, and Geography and GIS Intern.

What Degrees Relate to Careers in Geography?