Forestry (BS)

What is A Forestry (BS) Degree?

The field of Forestry is all about creating and preserving forests and other related natural resources in a way that will sustain their health and existence.  Forestry has to do with trees, plants, and animals—creating the forests and ecosystems, managing them, and sustaining them. It also has to do with the sensible use of wood in such a way as to sustain the forest environment while creating products for human consumption.  To become a professional Forester, you will study a full-range of science and management, while getting a lot of hands-on experience in the field.

To earn a BS degree in Forestry you’ll study subjects like ecosystems, geology, forest insects and disease, forest and recreational land management, dendrology, and governmental policies that control the use of forests and trees.  Many of the courses include lab or field experiences.  You may be able to concentrate toward the end of your Bachelor’s degree work in environmental management, wildland fire control, or some other specialty. Plus, after your first year or two of study, you’ll be qualified to work as a summer intern doing things like working as a forestry or trail crew member, an urban forestry intern, or a forestry technician. It’s possible you might be able to get some college credit while earning money and having fun for the summer.  With the Bachelor’s degree you’ll be ready for positions such as Forest Manager, Environmental Specialist, Environmentalist, Forest Biometrics Engineer, Professional Forester, Research Associates, and many others.

What Can I Do With A Forestry (BS) Degree?