Forestry (AS)

What is A Forestry (AS) Degree?

The field of Forestry is all about creating and preserving forests and other related natural resources in a way that will sustain their health and existence.  Forestry has to do with trees, plants, and animals—creating the forests and ecosystems, managing them, and sustaining them. It also has to do with the sensible use of wood in such a way as to sustain the forest environment while creating products for human consumption.  Entry-level training in Forestry will involve learning the science of the field plus the practical hands-on skills that will be needed.

To earn an AS degree in Forestry you’ll study subjects like introduction to forestry biology/ecology, forest topics like management, fire control, diseases, and measurements, how to surveying forest land and manage the wildlife.  You’ll have lab and outdoor experiences to practice the skills that you’ll be learning and will probably complete the program in about 2 years.  With the Associate’s degree you may be ready for positions such as Game Warden, Fisheries Technician, City Forester, Trail Crew Members, or Forestry Technician.

What Can I Do With A Forestry (AS) Degree?