Fire Inspector

What Does A Fire Inspector Do?

Fire inspectors examine buildings in order to detect fire hazards and ensure that all governmental fire codes are met.

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How Do I Become A Fire Inspector?

Fire Inspectors were likely fire fighters first, so they would need to previously attend a fire academy and need EMT training. Some fire departments may also require paramedic training. The completing of a college program in fire science or a related field may be required for a firefighter to move into an inspector position.

What is the Average Salary For A Fire Inspector?

High – 95,000
Median – 59,000
Low – 34,000

What Courses Should I Take To Become A Fire Inspector?

  • English – As much as possible!
  • Communication
  • Health
  • First Aid
  • Psychology

What Is The Work Environment For A Fire Inspector?

Fire Inspectors generally work for local governments, and they typically work during regular business hours.  They spend some time in the office and the rest out in the field inspecting buildings and other structures. 

What Is The Future Outlook For A Fire Inspector?

There will likely be strong competition for these positions. Opportunities may differ based on geographical location. 


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What Degrees Should I Consider If I Want To Be A Fire Inspector?