Fashion Design (BS)

What is A Fashion Design (BS) Degree?

Fashion Design, part of what is usually referred to as the Fashion Industry, is all about the design, making, and selling of clothes.  Whatever style of clothing is being worn by people at the time is what the Fashion Industry people must figure out, create, and provide.  In addition to Fashion Design the field has several other fields of specialty:  manufacturing, marketing, and retail sales.

For Design work, artistic skills and “an eye” are needed to create the concept of the clothing article, whether it be a pair of shoes or a dress.  Artistic skills are needed to draw the sketches, create the patterns, and select the fabrics.  To do well in the fashion industry, Fashion Design majors also need to know about the whole fashion scene.  Coursework in a BS program will cover the basics of fashion design with students translating their own designs into finished garments, including how to market and sell them.

What Can I Do With A Fashion Design (BS) Degree?