Environmental Science, Environmental Management (BS)

What is A Environmental Science, Environmental Management (BS) Degree?

Environmental Science is a multi-disciplinary approach that studies the environment – the relationship between that world and the organisms in it.  It’s a branch of biology that uses chemistry, physics, ecology, and other sciences to explain the impacts of living things on the environment, like in the recent focus on man-made global warming.  Managers in the field of environmental science use the research findings and work of environmental engineers to develop strategies to preserve, conserve, and regulate the environment. They work to avoid damaging the environment with manufacturing processes, to create new products that help stop environmental damage, or to devise/manage projects resulting in positive impacts on the environment.

To earn a BS degree in Environmental Management you need a good grounding in the physical sciences—biology, chemistry, and physics—and in environmental sciences.  You’ll also learn the business skills needed to manage, budget, and staff special projects.  You’ll study communications since talking to people who are resistant to change may be hard to do.  You’ll also need computer skills in spreadsheets and databases and be able to read highly technical reports.  This BS degree could lead to work in various private industries and in public agencies.

The video below discusses a “typical” program, so it should help regardless of which school you are considering.

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What Can I Do With A Environmental Science, Environmental Management (BS) Degree?