Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)

What Does An Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) Do?

Emergency medical technicians (EMTs) and paramedics care for the sick or injured in emergency medical settings. People’s lives often depend on the quick reaction and competent care provided by these workers. EMTs and paramedics respond to emergency calls, performing medical services and transporting patients to medical facilities. Use the search box to find Kevin’s video!

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How Do I Become An Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)?

One must complete a one-year EMT program to be an EMT, then advance to a paramedic program in order to be a paramedic. It may take an additional year to go on to complete the entire paramedic program.

What is the Average Salary For An Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)?

High – 56,000
Median – 32,000
Low – 21,000

What Courses Should I Take To Become An Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)?

  • Science – As much as possible, including biology and psychology!
  • English – As much as possible!
  • Communication
  • Foreign Languages

What Is The Work Environment For An Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)?

EMTs and Paramedics typically work for ambulance services, hospitals, and the government. This often requires outdoor work, in all types of weather. It may also be physically challenging and stressful work.

What Is The Future Outlook For An Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)?

The job outlook for this position looks good over the next 10 years, keeping in mind that geographical differences may exist.


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What Degree Should I Consider If I Want To Be An Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)?