What Is Education?

If you were asked, “Who has influenced you most as you have gone through your life?” you might mention a parent/caregiver or a relative.  But, I bet you’ll also mention a teacher, coach, or school counselor.  So, you already know about Education because you’ve been involved with it most of your life.  People in the Education field are involved in the process of teaching and learning; they help people of all ages develop new skills, learn knew facts, develop attitudes, and refine their beliefs to make their lives better. They all have figured out ways to get ideas across by using lectures, discussions, demonstrations, things like that.  Plus, there are many directions you can go with a career in Education.  You can work with people of just about any age—pre-school up through retired senior citizens.  And, for some of the support positions like coach or counselor, you’ll likely have to be a teacher first— laws sometimes require it.  So, should you go into this field? This is a great time to start, especially if you’re good in one of the STEM fields—math, science, technology, and engineering—or interested in Special Education, where there is almost always high demand.

It’s predicted that post-secondary educators in community colleges, technical institutes and universities will also be in high demand in the coming years because more and more people need education beyond high school to work in our technology-dependent world. Of course, most of these higher ed positions will require are least a master’s degree or higher.  Have you ever helped a classmate or brother/sister with their homework?  Have you taught someone how to drive a car or how to sew on a button? Do you like to lead group discussions?  Can you take charge without being told exactly what to do?  If so, check out some of these titles:  Elementary Teacher, Professor, Curriculum Developer, Course Designer, Special Ed Teacher, Principal, Superintendent, Head Master, Department Chair, Dean, High School Teacher, Track Coach, and Early Childhood Director.