Drafting and Design (AAS)

What is A Drafting and Design (AAS) Degree?

The field of Drafting and Design has to do with creating the technical drawings that are used in buildings, bridges, and in manufacturing.  Precise drawings with all the specifications needed to build the structure or produce the object used to be done by hand by drafters sitting at specially outfitted drafting tables.  Today, most of these technical drawings result from computer-aided design (CAD) work using software like AutoCAD.

The AAS degree prepares students to do CAD work to assist engineers in various specialties—civil, electronic, mechanical, architectural—by requiring a good grounding in math and communications and extensive knowledge of computer-assisted drafting tools.  Specific applications for the various types of engineering may be gained through coursework or on-the-job training.  Most AAS in Drafting and Design programs are focused on the basic drafting and design skills that are needed in all engineering fields.

What Can I Do With A Drafting and Design (AAS) Degree?