Curriculum & Instruction (MEd)

What is A Curriculum & Instruction (MEd) Degree?

People in the Education field are involved in the process of teaching and learning; they help people of all ages develop new skills, learn knew facts, develop attitudes, and refine their beliefs to make their lives better. They all have figured out ways to get ideas across by using lectures, discussions, demonstrations, things like that.  Plus, there are many directions you can go with a career in Education.  The MEd degree is designed for education professionals who are classroom teachers in K-12 grades, are already working in curriculum and instruction, or who want to move into leadership positions in elementary and secondary education.

Most students in the Master’s level degree program choose courses related to their chosen teaching grade level and study various content areas by examining research findings, by analyzing the research data to draw conclusions, and by preparing reports of their interpretations.  Most programs include a lot of project work in which the educator/students design learning materials that really keep students interested and learning.  In the MEd program another objective is to increase the professionals’ sensitivity to diversity and ethics.  Earning this degree is good way for current educators to advance in their profession.

What Can I Do With A Curriculum & Instruction (MEd) Degree?