Counseling Psychology (MA or MS)

What is A Counseling Psychology (MA or MS) Degree?

Psychology is the scientific study of human behavior and mental processing.  Counseling Psychology focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of healthy people who are suffering from psychological problems—problems of adjustment in life, loss of a job, spouse, loved one, difficulties with a relationship, substance abuse, etc.—that are less serious than a psychosis or severe mental disorder.

You’ll need a Bachelor’s degree to apply for this Master’s level program, and you’ll take courses covering theories of personality, counseling theories, abnormal psychology, groups counseling, and assessment, along with other specialized counseling applications. You may also have opportunities to observe and even practice in real counseling sessions with clients.  With an MA or MS in Counseling Psychology you will be able to be licensed to practice as a personal or group counselor or work for an agency or school, talking with clients about their problems, giving advice, and using various techniques to help the client live a happier, more productive life.

The video below discusses a “typical” program, so it should help regardless of which school you are considering.

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